Week 6 Book Week

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This week we had our annual book parade to celebrate book week! On Friday everyone from the school including teachers dressed up as their favourite book characters. It was fantastic to see so many different characters. Although he is usually hard to find I found Wally many times during the day! It was a fantastic day to see everyone walk down the red carpet and participate in so many different activities. Well done to everyone on a great day. Here are some pictures of the characters of JJD. 

Week 5- computers with our buddies! 

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This week during our time with our buddies we learnt how to use computers. The grade 4’s were able to show their grade 2 buddies how to turn the computer on and off properly, how to see our blog and how to even make a blog post. Next time we will attempt some coding! Thank you to our buddies for teaching us the correct way to use the computers. 

Mrs Dowell and Emma update

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Hello JJD!!!!

Thought I would make a post to say hello to you all and let you know how I have been doing 😊

On April 30th Andrew and I welcomed our beautiful little girl Emma Jean Dowell to the world, who arrived safely.

Emma is now just over 3 months old and is a great little baby. She gives lots of smiles, loves to read and stick out her tongue to her mumma and gets the hiccups a lot.

Mr Snelling sent me all the lovely cards you made for us and Emma enjoyed looking at the beautiful pictures. Thank you all so much.

I will talk to mr Snelling about bringing Emma in soon to meet you all, hopefully this term. Until then, I hope you are all having lots of fun with Mr Snelling. I look forward to seeing you all soon!!









Week 4

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This week we have been leading up to the Olympic day on Friday which is a whole school event. Each class chose a country to represent and we were South Africa! We enjoyed dressing up and it was great to see everyone in the class making an effort with their outfit! We definitely looked the part. The day started with an opening ceremony followed by activities which were ran by the Grade 6’s who did a fantastic job! And to finish we had an assembly for our closing ceremony! Well done to all that were involved it was a very enjoyable day out in the sun! 

Term 2 recap! 

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First of all sorry I did not post anything all last term! I have only just got access to our class blog. Hopefully these post will now be a regular occurrence.Term 2 recap.

Term 2 was another busy term for JJD as we continued to learn all about water in Inquiry. We were lucky enough to have people from GV water to come and give us a lesson on what should be flushed down the toilet and sinks and what shouldn’t be. They also showed us how much sugar are in some very popular drinks, educating us on how to make better choices with the drinks we choose.

We were incredibly excited when we had the Alpha Production perform Aladdin to us in the gym and on that same day Saint Johns Ambulance came to visit to teach us all about 000, what to do in an emergency and how to identify hazards AND we were even on Win News!!!! And it doesn’t end there. We also had our whole school colour run which was a great success!

With all this going on we even had time to fit in some class work focussing on Place Value and Addition in Mathematics, Prediction, Sequencing and Character Inference in Reading and Persuasion and Narrative writing for Writing. 

Swimming next week!

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Dear Parents,

Next week ( Monday 29th February—Friday 4th March ) is our swimming week.

We will be travelling to and from Aquamoves by bus.

Our session time at the pool is  9.45 until 10.30. as we are early in morning it would be helpful if students wore their bathers to school underneath their school clothes to save time.

Children will need a separate swimming bag for their clothes.

Please ensure all items of clothing are clearly marked with your child’s name.

All parents are most welcome to come and watch the lessons. If anyone is  available to help with drying and changing the children at the pool this would be very  much appreciated.

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Thank You,

Jessica Dowell


Cirque Africa!!!

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On Friday the 19th we were fortunate enough to have Cirque Africa come at perform at Bourchier Street for Harmony Day. The kids were amazed at their brilliant acts.

After the performance we went into workshops and were able to work closely with some of the acts to try and learn some of their tricks JJD went with a prep class JHP to practice the hula hoops. (Soph was very excited about getting to do the hula hoops)

we really enjoyed the day and hope Cirque Africa will come back to Bourchier Street in the future.

2016-02-19 09.32.58 2016-02-19 09.36.50

2016-02-19 09.39.57 2016-02-19 09.49.15-3

2016-02-19 10.36.10 2016-02-19 10.35.00

2016-02-19 10.35.10 2016-02-19 10.35.31

2016-02-19 10.35.47 2016-02-19 10.36.05




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Our buddy class this year for JJD is Grade 4 class MEM. we found it very amusing how many siblings we had in this class as Mrs Dowell only thought there was two, but it turned out there was five!!

We have all met our buddies a couple of times now and think we have been matched up pretty well. We have really enjoyed the time we have spent so far with our buddies and are looking forward to getting to know them better.

Here are a couple of photos of us with our buddies.

2016-02-09 14.45.00 2016-02-09 14.45.15

2016-02-09 14.46.05 2016-02-09 14.46.24

2016-02-09 14.46.58 2016-02-09 14.47.05

2016-02-09 14.47.21 2016-02-09 14.47.43

2016-02-09 14.48.27 2016-02-09 14.48.42

Welcome JJD 2016!

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Hello to all families in JJD this year!

This is our class blog where you can come and see all the fun things we are involved in throughout the year. Parents are of course encouraged to come and visit our blog and to make comments on our pasts, but for privacy reasons we ask that no surnames are used 🙂 This means that you should only refer to students from our class by their first name, and if you wish to leave a comment refer to yourself as student’s mother/father

E.g. From “Johnny’s Mum” instead of Mrs Smith

Thanks again for stopping by and we hope that you come back to visit soon!